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In-barn Autumn Deals with a warm welcome, with free hot drinks and friendly chat too.

As the leaves change colour, and the temperature drops, we are looking forward to a busy Autumn season (before the Christmas rush!).

The dogs are working well, and with plenty of birds around, that's a good thing. The young spaniel needs a bit more work on impulse control, but we will get there!!

We've got a good freezer stock of tasty 1/4 lb venison burgers that we made this week. Wild, not farmed deer, so full of natural lean protein. 8 large burgers selling for £12.

The Gateway boots have also been selling well. Customers are loving the comfort foot beds, great styling and of course, the price point! We've a range from 59.99 - 199.99, sizes 5 - 11. We made the right decision to stock this brand - you will be hearing more of them in the years to come.

Or reputation is growing, along with our customer base, and we are always thrilled to receive positive feedback. This from Richard, this week:

"Great to have you on the doorstop! Your stuff is priced right, and great to chat over a free coffee too! "

Don't forget we've got gunslips, cartridge bags, gilets, socks, sticks, calls, knives and all sorts of lovely accessories in the Barn: make an appointment, come and see us.

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