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Which thermal spotter?

And of course, how much to spend?

After some research - talking to trade and end users, we've got in stock what we believe are the best value for money thermal spotters - whether you want to use it to help with deer population counts, nature dissertations, vermin control or stalking, we've tested a range to help make your decision easier.

There's a plethora of choice out there. And lots of pub talk about which make is best. We've looked down most of them, so have been able to compare!

Here's our pick of the best :

Best budget buy: IRay XEye E3N. Does what it says on the tin. Impressive image quality. Great ergomonic design, easy to use (not too techie). 15 hours operation time. High refresh rate makes it comfortable for watching. Great for spotting foxes etc, we could spot and identify roe at 250 yards. Detection range 739m. Lightweight, around 320g. Optics good at all ranges. MRP £1200

Best up to £2000: IRay XEye E3 Max. All the bells and whistles: built in wifi and storage, connecting to a user friendly app. improved resolution, video, range finder, better colour palette, more powerful lens, can see the hairs on a dachshund chin at 200 yards! Ergonomic design, easy to handle, only 420g. Simple controls. Really great bit of kit. A real game changer for night time use. Image tones, clarity and sharpness are spot on. Vox detector, 50Hz frame rate. My pick. I've not seen anything better in this price range. In stock, come and try it. MRP £1950


Why not Zeiss or Pulsar? these IRay are robust, ergonomic, intuitive to use, great optics, - and real value when you add up all the features. The components are quality.

What's the lead time on orders? Most models from UK stock.

Are you open for business? yes! cov19 restrictions apply, call 07813737762.

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