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Fieldsports channel debut goes with a bang!

March 2021.

What fun we had, spending a day with Charlie Jacoby from the FIeldsports Channel. They've been championing and showcasing field sports via their you tube channel for a number years. To educate and entertain. Both ideals amongst broadcasters of rural pastimes. There's more to country tales than the likes of Chris Packham and Countryfile.

Charlie and his team are the best of this modern rural propaganda.

You can support the Fieldsports Channel in their endeavours with lobbying, filming & covering relevant news stories and educating the public, by becoming a member, here's the link:

We were thrilled to be asked to feature in a recent show.

Mark specialises in reloading, and in partnership with Raytrade, is testing home loads using copper rounds. With legislation in the pipeline for any meat entering the food chain to be shoot using non-lead ammo, we all need to learn about how the copper rounds perform, in comparison to the traditional ones we are used to.

The field sports channel spent time in the Vale workshop, discussing reloading classes, building a new business during lockdown and finding out the secrets of the fox alarms! Pest control Vale style!

Then, a successful early evening stalk, enabled a roe deer to be dispatched humanely using the copper ammunition.

The link to the feature is:

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