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Vetbed Luxurious Pet Bedding is a super soft, quick-dry bed for dogs, cats and other small animals. It is made from British Wool and sustainably sourced polyester, providing luxurious comfort for your pet. The bed is durable and long-lasting and easy to machine wash on a cool/wool cycle. Use it anywhere, at home or when travelling. The medium to large size piece (100cm x 75cm) is suitable for cats and most dog breeds up to large labrador size. Vetbed is thermo-regulating to keep your pet warm or cool depending on the season, and has a fleece which absorbs significant amounts of liquid without feeling wet to help keep your pet dry when accidents occur.

Vetbed offers superior comfort as the soft supportive fibres provide the ideal ''snuggle'' factor for your pet, while the natural insulating and breathable properties regulate your pet's body temperature. The fabric is hypoallergenic and naturally inhibits bacteria, fungus and dust mites. The non-slip backing is ideal for use on laminate or tiled floors, crates and the back of the car.

  • British Wool
  • Sustainably Sourced Polyester
  • Absorbant Fleece
  • Non-Slip Backing
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Easy to Wash
  • 100cm x 75cm (80g)

The Vetbed includes a hard-wearing, absorbent fleece, originally launched into the human medical sector more than 40 years ago to aid in the prevention of bed sores, and it was realised that the fleece would be hugely beneficial to vets, for both pre and post-operative care. Vetbed launched soon after and it gained popularity amongst vets, breeders and domestic pet owners alike. Vetbed is used, trusted and recomended by pet care professionals throughout the UK and further afield. Vetbed has been voted Best Dog Bed by readers of Your Dog magazine.

Vetbed large pet bedding - grey

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