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The Axion is compact and light weight and now with the XQ sensor provides superb detailed images for it's size. The XQ38 thermal sensor is sized 384x288pix with 17µm pixel pitch and 40mK thermal sensitivity for perfectly detailed images, even in the hardest of weather conditions. The robust magnesium body shell and an IPX7 waterproof rating ensure the unit is able to withstand use out in the field.

Pulsar Image Boost technology algorithms result in a sharper, more detailed field of view and enhanced object identification.

A Stadiametric range finder built within the Axion helps users to estimate target distances using the height of known objects. Axion thermal imagers come with 8 colour palettes for optimized viewing in all conditions and a Picture-In-Picture mode displays a second image at the top of the screen which can be used to show more detail of what you are looking at whilst retaining the rest of the field of view. 

The XQ38 Axion thermal features live streaming capabilities though your phone using the 'Stream Vision App' - Stream Vision allows you to view and operate the unit remotely on iOS and Android and can be used to transfer the videos you record, as can a USB connection. Built with 16GB internal storage.

Axion thermal monoculars have a near instant start-up and instant 'display-off' mode to save battery. The Lithium-Ion APS power system can be quickly interchanged at the press of a button for another APS battery if needed. APS batteries are charged through the units USB port (lead and wall adaptor included). You can also purchase an APS charger which will charge two APS batteries at a time if desired.


Range Of Detection: 1300m

Sensor: 384x288 pix. @ 12 µm

Frame Rate: 50Hz

Magnification: 3.5x to 14x (x4 Zoom)

Field Of View (HxV): 17.2 x 12.9m @ 100m

Objective Lens: F38/1.2

Display Resolution: 1024x768 pixels

Display Type: AMOLED

Protection: IPX7

Weight: 350g

Size: 167x40x73mm

Battery Life: 4 hours

Pulsar Axion XQ38 Thermal Imaging Monocular

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