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This stylish cartridge bag is crafted from oiled leather and khaki canvas and can hold 100 shells. The fabric is laminated with rubber to provide a robust waterproof coating and is stitched with strong, oiled thread.

The leather is cut to a pattern that gives the bottom of the bag a slight pendulum shape ensuring that the optimum quantity of cartridges are contained within a smaller bag and that they rest snugly together.

This also means that there is less of a bulky box to swing against the hip and knock against arms, coats and slips.

A final neat touch is that the bag cover is not stitched to the back of the bag but hinged around a bar hidden within the back of the case. This means that the cover will rest neatly open and not flip to close – meaning faster reloads and less scrambling around to your side or on the floor when really the eyes should be looking up to the skies!

Oiled leather and khaki canvas cartridge bag

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