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NB photo shows argyle tweed, which is lighter in colour. Awaiting new photos of the Grampian plus 3s.

one pair only left, size S / 32 waist

- Studded rear security pocket
- Belt looped waist
- Two hand pockets - deep so contents will not fall out when crawling etc
- Griplock attachment at knee
. Please Note: We recommend that customers order one waist size larger to accommodate for extra winter clothing.


We go no shorter than a Plus 3...Why ?...

Simple, the 'overhang' is of the utmost importance as it covers the area of exposed stocking between knee and gaiter or wellie and protecting it from getting wet even when kneeling in a bog. Simply put, if your stockings stay dry, so do you. No reason to wear overtrousers even when walking through a field of dripping wet kale. At the end of the field simply run your hands over the surface of the Plus 3 removing all water and that's that...Dry! Wonderfully light and comfortable too!

Stylish and practical with generous cut, ideal for walking or crawling on the hill and wonderfully comfortable in breathable waders. Sounds too good to be true, but we have proved this several times crawling up burns and lying in puddles without getting wet...sound fantastic?

The advantages of the Plus 3 can easily be seen as it covers gaiters or Wellington boot giving a totally sealed and waterproof solution without needing to use or carry cumbersome overtrousers.


NomadUk Plus 3s Grampian tweed

£310.00 Regular Price
£248.00Sale Price
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