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Black aluminium quad sticks  -these are the best on the market.

We have these IN STOCK. Simple to use, value  for money and sturdy.


Provides you with a rock-solid shooting platform with a huge variety of possibilities regardless of the terrain and shooting positions.

Ergonomic contoured silicone handgrips provide a nonslip warming hold, that also avoid clapper sound from the legs. Silicon gun rest secures a silent handle. Silicone gun straps secures your gun in waiting situations and makes target switching fast, easy and salient. Special forces-like foot strap in paracord acts as the “fifth” leg and improves your capability in standing long range shooting. The Mjoelner shooting stick Fenris II is just a class of its own.

Weighs 1kg


Mjoelner Aluminium quad sticks Fenris II

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