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Same Great Protection. Slimmer Fit. DEFY Slim is an ultra-comfortable electronic earmuff, featuring superior protection and environmental awareness. With active gunshot noise suppression, Bluetooth compatibility, and a background noise-dampening microphone, DEFY Slim allows you to align your sights with ease without sacrificing your safety.


Tactical Sound Control™


Proprietary technology that amplifies sounds you want to hear up to 8x their natural volume, while still protecting you from harmful gunshot noises in under 2 milliseconds.


27db Single NUmber RATING (SNR)

Most gunshots register between 150 - 170 decibels, which can quickly damage your hearing. Combat those dangerous noise levels and shoot safely all day long.


Ultra-Slim Design


At just 310 g, this ultra-slim ear defender weighs 100g less than other leading ear defenders. Enjoy all day performance and comfort, while aligning your sights with ease.



Isotune Sport DEFY Slim ear defenders

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