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Thermal Imaging Scope Finder FL35R

The newly upgraded Finder II Series comprises models FH35R and FL35R. As a high-end monocular with added rangefinder functionality, the Finder II Series captures all the fine details and precise outdoor observation that the modern hunter andoutdoor professional users would expect from an InfiRay product. It is a truly versatile unit and will quickly become a kit essential when you’re out in the field.


InfiRay FINDER Series Themal Monocular FL35R - 384x288, 12?m VOx ,<40mk NETD, 50Hz, 35mm lens, 768x1024 OLED display, 1x/2x3x4x magnification, Compass & Msensor,WI-FI, built-in Storage 32GB, 6hr Battery life, 1298m range




Model FL35R
Resolution, pixels 384x288
Pixel size, um 12
Sensor NETD, MK 40
Frame refresh rate, Hz 50
Objective Lens F35/ 1.0
Field of view, degrees 7.5X5.7
Optical magnification, x 2 ~ 8
Digital zoom, x x1, x2, x3, x4
Display Type OLED,  1024 x 768
Battery type Li-ion battery pack, replaceable
Max. battery life (t=25℃) ★, h 6 5.5
Laser rangefinder range, m 800 ±1
Amount of built-in memory, GB 32
Dimension, mm 160x90x50
Weight(without replaceable battery), g 400
Detection Range, m 1818
(Target size:1.7m×0.5m, P(n)=99%)
★Actual operation time depends on the intensity of Wi-Fi use and the built-in video recorder.

Iray FL35R

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