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DESCRIPTIONInfiRay EYE II Series Thermal Monocular E3 Plus V2.0 - 384*288,12μm VOx , 50Hz, 25mm manual lens, 1280*960 display, WIFI, built-in Storage 8GB, laserMeet Eye Ⅱ Series V2.0With 12μm detector, lower power consumption and multifunctional operations enhance and record the excellent moment of your outdoor activities. Lighter and longer.Pocket-Sized Thermal Vision MonocularThe InfiRay EYE Ⅱ series is a pocket-sized thermal vision monocular for exploring the outdoors—at night and in lowlight conditions. EYE Ⅱ reveals your surroundings and helps you see people, objects and animals over one thousand meters away. Simple to use, with still image and video recording, EYE Ⅱ is the perfect companion, whether in the back country or your own backyard.

Iray Eye 11 thermal E3 plus V2.0

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