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InfiRay Unique UH35 |UH50Boasting many of the features of the popular Zoom Series, the new Unique from InfiRay has been specifically designed to meet the needs of the UK hunter, offering superb value for money in the marketplace.Featuring a fixed lens and using InfiRay’s OEM 12μm ultra-sensitive detector, the Unique captures superb imagery with great contrast, even in poor weather, and will keep going longer thanks to the extra optional power pack, seamless connectivity and generous storage make the Unique an essential for the modern hunter.

Infiray Unique UH35

Professional Hand Held Thermal Monocular - 640x512, 12?m VOx ,<25mk NETD, 50Hz, 35mm Objective Lens, 1440x1080 HD AMOLED display, 3-12 optical magnification, 1x/2x3x4x Digital Zoom with up to 20x eye piece, 20mm eye relief, WI-FI, built-in Storage 32GB, 10hr Battery life, built in Micro phone

Infiray Unique UH35

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