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The Infiray Tube TH50 V2 thermal scope is the class leader.

A brand new sub 25mK NETD 12 micron 640x512 sensor, capable of detecting even the slightest differences in temperature.

This, combined with the powerful 50mm optics and 2560x2560 1.03” Micro-OLED display, provides unparalleled clarity, precision, and comfort.

The TH50 is designed to offer long-range detection capabilities, and with the optional Bluetooth Laser rangefinder module, it can detect targets up to an astonishing 2600m away.

This allows for extremely precise shot placement, even in challenging conditions.

As the flagship model of the Tube Series, the TH50 V2 is equipped with an advanced image processing algorithm, which ensures exceptional performance in detecting temperature differences. The sub-25mK InfiRay 12 micro 640x512 sensor provides vivid and detailed imaging, allowing for better target identification and more effective shooting.

Overall, the Infiray Tube TH50 V2 thermal scope is a powerful and reliable tool for anyone else in need of long-range detection and precision shooting capabilities.


640x512 Thermal Sensor
12 Micron Pixel Pitch
Field of View 8.8x7.0
Sub 25mK NETD
50Hz Refresh Rate
50mm Objective Lens
3.5-14x Magnification
50mm Eye Relief
Up to 2600m Detection Range
Up to 8.5hr Battery Life
Dimensions 365 × 85 × 75
Weight <950gm

INFIRAY TH50 V2 thermal scope IN STOCK

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