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Product Description


The Digex C50 is Pulsar's next step for the Digex Series, incorporating a more powerful 1928x1088 FHD CMOS sensor which alongside SumLight functionality increases the units ability to observe high amounts of detail day or night.


This new sensor and the updated design allow users to shoot in either black & white or full-colour vision, with a highly intuitive control dial (Aperture Adjustment Ring) located just in front of the Digexs objective lens focus ring for instant switching.



The Digex C50 has excellent optical capabilities, featuring a large 50mm objective lens (f/1.4) with a 3.5x base magnification and 4x digital zoom for a total of 14.0x magnification at a 6.7° field of view. These powerful optical characteristics combined with the optional X850S IR Illuminator allow the Digex C50 a distance detection of up to 550m.


Power is provided to the Digex C50 via the intelligent dual battery system. This system consists of an internal, rechargeable battery and a rechargeable APS2 battery pack that can be recharged through the Digex itself (USB-C) or removed and charged with the dedicated APS battery charger (included).

Models that include the X850S IR Illuminator will also include a removable & rechargeable APS2 battery pack for self-contained, optimised performance.


The scopes exterior is made from a high-strength metal alloy and takes the shape of a traditional dayscope with a 30mm ring compatible body.


No wifi or IR on this model.




In brief the Digex C50 Features:



Black & White & Full Colour image display

-25°C to 50°C Operating temperature

Mounts using standard 30mm scope rings

5 Zeroing profiles (50 distances)

One-Shot zeroing

16GB Internal Memory

Picture-in-Picture mode

3-Axis gyroscope & accelerometer

50mm Eye-Relief

Dual battery system – Built-In APS3 battery & a quick-change rechargeable APS2 battery

Non-IR version comes with 1x APS2 battery and charger

Stream Vision 2 compatible

10 Reticles (9 Colours)

Three Scalable ballistic reticles

Instant start-up

Stadiametric rangefinder

IPX7 Waterproof

Built-In photo & video recorder (with sound)

Metal Body

Recoil rated up to .375 cal.

Side incline indication (Cant)

One shot zeroing function

' Freeze Zeroing ' function

Precise ' Zoom zeroing ' function


Wide-angle eyepiece with removable Eye Cup with Magnet Ring

Mounts using standard 30mm day scope rings

Automatic shutdown (customisable time)

Auto-Exposure Adjustment


Pulsar Digex C 50 C50 no IR no wifi

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